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Palmilla’s Facilities – Building Inauguration Ceremony

26/Jun/2016 | Autor: Official press blog

San Jose del Cabo.- Mayor Arturo de la Rosa led this morning the building inauguration ceremony of Palmilla’s facilities at Palmilla beach, a project that has been pursued for a long time and now has finally come true.

The event had the participation of members of Palmilla’s Administration, Municipal Council and Directorate as well.

Project Director, Juan Antonio Aguilar remarked that the objectification of this project is an example of the sum of efforts between the local community and the local authorities which gives as a result a selfless act which will benefit all the community.

Palmilla´s public facilities will have showers, public bathrooms, a terrace, a children playground, volleyball net as well as a Zofemat’s office, an exclusive area for fishermen and a palapa used only for emergency units.

Mayor Arturo de la Rosa mentioned that this day objectifies a yearning of many locals, emphasizing the proud of accomplish such important projects which had been expected for a long time and will be for the use and benefit of the local community. What is more, he mentioned that this project should be a pattern to be implemented in every beach in the municipality expecting in the future to count with the same infrastructure as Palmilla.

“With such actions, we proof that the change is in the benefit of our municipality” he concluded.


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