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Delivery Act Ceremony of Palmillas Facilities

26/Apr/2017 | Autor: Condominio Maestro Palmilla

April 26th 2017 took place the formal ceremony of the Palmilla’s public facilities donation to the Los Cabos City Hall.

Mayor Arturo de la Rosa Escalante led the official signing ceremony between Palmilla’s administrators and the Municipal current Administration. The already stated ceremony was regularized by Public Notary #31 in charge of Erick Kaufmann. Nowadays, Palmilla’s facilities are part of Los Cabos’ local community heritage and it is there for their use and benefit. 

To consummate this important stage, the event took place beside the building which now is Municipal heritage and whose investment was superior to 6 million pesos.

This is a clear example where the force of will and the sum of efforts between Public Administration and Private Initiative accomplished significant changes to solve common issues, in the pursuit of collective benefits, in this case the local community.

“This act represents a great achievement for those who choose Palmilla as their favorite beach, and today once again belongs to the local community. Palmilla beach hold the “Blue flag” certification, is available for everybody, and it is our pride”. – Mayor Arturo de la Rosa Escalante


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